Cleaning with Co2 Blasting

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The foundry industry is a unique industry that implements state of the art techniques for manufacturing a variety of products. In addition to manufacturing, this industry also utilizes innovative techniques for cleaning. For example, dry ice is used for cleaning molds, a process commonly known as Co2 blasting. Co2 blasting cleans molds made of metal, plastic, and even rubber. There are many advantages associated with Co2 blasting, one of which is eliminating the difficulties of cleaning molds.

One of the reasons why molds are difficult to clean is the materials that build up. Sand and carbon build up is experienced on equipment, molds and core boxes. Removing build up is best achieved with Co2 blasting, because a significant amount of time is reduced for properly removing all materials from molds, equipment and core boxes. Traditional cleaning methods for molds involve scraping and scrubbing, and in some cases harsh chemicals are needed to properly clean equipment, machines, molds, etc. Scraping and scrubbing is labor intensive and requires more time to properly remove grease, residue, and carbon build up.

Co2 blasting works by using solid dry ice pellets. These pellets are propelled with extreme force from a certain type of blasting gun. Pellets are shot out at supersonic speeds by using compressed air, which is why the process is called Co2 blasting. The low temperature of dry ice combined with kinetic energy generated from air pressure is effective for breaking the bond of grease, oil, carbon, and other hard to remove materials. The number one advantage of Co2 blasting is reduced labor.

In other words, companies can become more productive using Co2 blasting for cleaning because labor time is significant reduced during cleaning. Companies experiencing less downtime become more productive, which increases profits and customer retention. Therefore, Co2 blasting can actually increase profits. Co2 blasting is also beneficial for cleaning because less damage to equipment is experienced. Scraping and scrubbing can wear down equipment and molds, and in many cases cause damages. Co2 blasting is extremely useful for cleaning equipment and surfaces near or around electrical circuits because dry ice causes no dangers.

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