Four Steps Toward Becoming a Social Media Reseller

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Social media is a unique animal. Most of us know how to use it for our own purposes, but what about when business or clients are involved? This is where protocols are set and specific methods are used to draw in new audiences and generally be more effective. If your enterprise could use some social media services, consider becoming a social media reseller. It involves just four short steps.

Step one toward transitioning over to a social media reseller is contacting SEO firms and other companies that actually handle social media services. This part may take the longest because some digging will be involved. Many companies do advertise their services and put out feelers to gain new social media resellers, but not everyone does. Many businesses like this choose to keep their services a secret, at least to the average person.

Step two toward becoming an social media reseller involves narrowing down your potentially long list of possibilities. This ideally is done through researching the companies that use resellers for their social media services. Company web site visits are in order, and so are visits to independent web sites that perhaps either post reviews by other social media resellers of these firms. A thorough and complete investigation is worth your efforts here, since this intangible service is done well by some companies and potentially horribly by others.

Step three in your hopes of becoming a social media reseller revolves around contacting the companies on your list that have made the cut. After evaluating each SEO company or similar firm and narrowing the selection down to companies that either instinctively feel good to you or that firmly list services and have protocols that align best with your enterprise, send out an email or call someone at these companies. Find out the necessary steps toward becoming a reseller, including any information you must present to the company to verify what you do or to verify your experience.

Step four involves the application process itself, which is distinctive for each business. Some companies hire social media resellers right away without asking very many questions. This could signal a red flag, meaning the company will take just about anyone. Others, however, will be more careful in their selection of resellers, which is where you ideally should be. The more work the company does to investigate you, the more positive of an experience you can anticipate having as a reseller with that company.

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