3 Interesting Statistics About the Prescription Drug Industry and POS Systems

Pharmacy pos software 2014

If you own and operate a small independent pharmacy, you already know just how important it is to have a good retail pharmacy POS system. The best POS systems will help you manage product inventory in the front while also allowing you to making secure transactions, even when prescriptions are being sold, with features like encrypted card swiping and electronic signature capturing.

But you might actually be surprised by just how important POS systems — and small pharmacies, in general — are in the world of modern healthcare:

$ 231.46 billion: The estimated amount of money that pharmacy and drug stores took in through their sales in just one year (2011). Looking at that amount of money, it’s clear just how important pharmacy sales are and how much American consumers depend on their local stores!

111%: The percentage increase of mobile POS terminals between 2011 to 2012, which amounted to 9.5 million mobile POS terminals worldwide — and you can bet this number is even higher now! Mobile POS systems are becoming more popular than ever before, not just because they’re convenient but also because the systems are very secure (which is a necessity for pharmacies).

Three-quarters: The number medical visits and treatment programs that involve at least one type of prescription drug therapy. Whether you’re visiting a doctor’s office or you ended up having an extended stay at the local hospital, prescription medications are often going to be an important aspect of any treatment or rehabilitation program. The most important thing here is that every facility and treatment center is able to provide you with the medications you need, and to do so through a safe and secure payment processing service.

So just how important are pharmacy POS systems these days? Regardless of whether you’re a medical professional or just a patient, it’s pretty clear that we rely on these systems quite a bit to keep each other healthy!

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