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Get the Help of an Expert

A marketing company is vital for any serious web developer. Although word of mouth and doing your own advertising is helpful, the investment that a developer places in digital advertising agencies would be one of the best that they would make in their career. There is simply too much possible advertising space on the internet for one person to cover.

Searching for Your Business

When looking for a web developer, most people will start from a search engine. It is estimated that up to 93% of all excursions into the internet start from a search engine, and a study from OutBrain shows that the number one driver to content websites is a search engine. A full 39% of customers can come from your company showing up high in a search. When choosing an advertising agency, be sure to choose one that knows the importance of the search engine.

The Importance of Social Networking

Although social networking is a relatively new concept, it cannot be ignored in digital media marketing. Whether it is blogging or a presence on a more traditional social networking site, a presence in some form of social networking is necessary. Blogging alone can show an average of 434% more indexed pages, raising your presence in an internet search. If you don’t have time to blog, you can hire something like this out for a fairly low rate.

Be Mobile Friendly

Most people carry smartphones with them everywhere, so of course they will use them for searching and choosing businesses. An internet marketing expert will recommend that you make sure your website is mobile friendly, on every operating system. A full 40% of consumers will choose to go to a different website if the first one that shows up in a search isn’t mobile friendly. It also needs to load quickly, consumers will only wait about 5 seconds for a mobile website to load. All of this is doubly important for a web developer.

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