Why You Should Stay Far Away From Online Pharmacies

What problems will pos systems solve for you

There are many parts to a small pharmacy that help it run smoothly: from management software that help pharmacists monitor prescription drug regulations, to retail pharmacy POS systems that allow owners to keep their shelves stocked to the max, every small detail factors into the total experience of what a community pharmacy can provide its customers and patients.

Even if you aren’t thinking about something like its POS system when you shop at your pharmacy, it all contributes to keeping you — the customer — safe. And this is one area where online pharmacies just can’t compete, because the safety of patients simply isn’t the top priority in the majority of cases.

But why, you ask?

First of all, it’s difficult — and even impossible in most cases — for the federal and state governments to keep an eye on what really happens within a pharmacy that operates completely virtually. It’s hard to enforce the regulations of over-the-counter supplements, and even harder to regulate prescription drugs. This means that when you order a medication online, there’s really no guarantee from a verified organization that you’re purchasing and consuming a safe product.

There are online pharmacies that do try to put customer safety and satisfaction as a top priority, but it can be difficult to figure out which pharmacies these really are. More common are the businesses that know they can swindle customers into buying drugs that aren’t approved for sale in the U.S., or drugs that don’t contain the active ingredients. It’s virtually impossible for customers to know whether they’re consuming the actual medication the bottle is advertising — making it very dangerous to order drugs online. Find out more here.

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