How To Know Your Pharmacy POS System Needs To Be Replaced

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Does your pharmacy POS system need to be replaced? It can be a tricky question to answer simply because POS systems are a big investment; most small business owners don’t have the money to keep replacing their POS software constantly if it isn’t really necessary. But on the other hand, if your POS system needs to be replaced, it could actually be costing you money if you keep using the same old system.

Here are just a few signs that your retail pharmacy POS system is seeing its last days:

  1. Your customers are starting to gather in longer queues than usual. Unless your business suddenly expanded and got a ton of new customers overnight, this is a sign that your POS system isn’t working like it should. POS systems are intended to speed up the transaction process as much as possible. When a POS system is old or is running out of data space, it won’t run as quickly as before.

  2. You’re constantly playing catch-up to keep your shelves stocked. Another main feature of POS systems is the ability to help merchants locate items and find the lowest prices available; in many cases, this feature includes automatic alerts to let you know when a product needs to be re-ordered before it runs out. POS systems are also really helpful for tracking data on individual product sales and overall sales trends so that you can predict with a little more accuracy how much of a product you should order.

  3. Customers are asking about your pharmacy’s rewards program ….but you don’t have one. Most bigger chain stores have customer loyalty programs or points programs which apply to the pharmacy in the store, and this actually has a big impact on whether or not a customer will shop there. Even if the “reward” is a 20% coupon every few months, it can be the deciding factor for a customer to shop at a particular store, since the products at a competing store are exactly the same.

So now it’s time for you to think about it — is it time for your pharmacy to look at some new POS systems?

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