A 6 Point Mental Checklist for Choosing the Right Digital Printing Company

Rush printing

If you’re in a position where you need custom printed items for advertising, you’re going to want to find a reliable digital printing company ASAP. It can be tempting to waive printing off as an unnecessary expense in this increasingly computer focused world, but the truth is that printing remains one of the best ways to reach potential customers and clients even after the advent of the internet. Promotional calendars for example are kept in most homes long term, and if you engage in a direct mail campaign, the changes are that your ad will be sorted and viewed along with the rest of the mail the very day it arrives! Here are a few things to ask yourself when searching for a good digital printing company:
1. What’s their turnover speed?
It may be impossible now to imagine a situation where rush printing is necessary — but trust me, the situations arise. What if a date or time on a big event is changed? What if a candidate from a big race you’re reporting on has suddenly been disqualified? It is very important when choosing a digital printing company that you make sure they provide this. Speaking of…
2. What are their hours like?
Because if they’re not 24, then you can probably find a better digital printing company elsewhere.
3. Can they do banners?
If you take nothing else away from this article, we encourage you not just to plan for the kinds of printing you think you’ll need, but for any kind of printing conceivable. The trick is to have options and know your options. Banner printing is a complicated process and in order for banners to look professional, you need to invest in retaining a good digital printing company.
4. What about business cards?
If someone tells you that business cards are old fashioned, please do not listen to them. Nearly 30 million business cards are printed each day, and that’s not just for people’s health. When choosing a digital printing company, a good benchmark of quality is the different paper and template options of their business card section.
5. Do they offer price packaging?
By this we mean, does this digital printing company offer bulk deals, materials replacement, a la carte options, and/or loyal customer discounts? These price point options are all signs that the company is willing to go the extra mile and adapt to the customer.
6. Does the digital printing company offer multiple locations and/or online ordering?
You don’t want your printing jobs to become another errand you have to run. A sign of a professional, seasoned digital printing company is one that offers multiple options for ordering and pick-up.
If anyone can think of a digital printing company tip you think we’ve missed, please add it to the comments section below! Or if you have suggestions for good enterprises particularly in the NYC area, we are all ears.

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