9 Reasons Your Small Business Can Benefit from VoIP Services

It does not matter how much of your business is conducted online, you will need a great phone system to interact with clients, customers and your business contacts. When asked, most consumers admit they like being able to call a company and talk to them when they have problems, questions or concerns about their products and services. Whether you have an existing business or are about to start one up, using advanced hosted telephone technologies can make a big difference for your bottom line.

  1. VoIP business systems will save you money. The “voice over internet protocol” (VoIP) phone systems cost lest. If you have a traditional system, you can save up to 40% on local calls by switching to a VoIP system. For start ups, using this kind of phone system will save about 90% in getting the phone system up and running. These systems come with all of the features small businesses need to function and offer a number of others that only are possible thanks to advanced hosted telephone technologies.
  2. Your calls can follow you anywhere. Does your small business have any remote workers? Do you frequently have to be out of your office? If you have employees who do any or a lot of their work in remote locations, the ability to have calls go to them where they are is very useful. Many new small and medium sized business phone solutions allow the system to try to route a call to multiple phone numbers before sending the caller to voice mail. Studies show that most people do not leave a message and if it is customer or sales lead, the chances are slim that they will call back. With these systems, you can get answer more of your incoming calls.
  3. You can get your voicemail messages emailed. New premise based VoIP systems include a service that includes the transcription of voice mail to email so that you can access your voice messages on your email. Gone are the days when you may have to replay a message five times or scramble to get a piece of paper and a pen. Now you can sort and store the data from voicemail in ways that make it easier than ever to keep track of.
  4. VoIp has new and improved call screening options. Calls from salespeople can be routed to voicemail whereas the calls you really need can be sent to a cell phone (or other) number. When you see who is calling from the caller ID, you can determine what the best course of action for that call may be.
  5. Get the most from your bandwidth use with advanced hosted telephone technologies. Tracking how data are used is an important part of your business. It can help direct your time and energy. These systems can help you monitor data usage and what the situation is with your incoming and outgoing calls. These VoIP systems provide detailed reports on all aspects of your company’s phone calls.
  6. Increase your business security with door buzzer control. You can control who can enter your business with your VoIP system. You can talk to people who are coming to your door and open it for people you would like to enter.
  7. Get calls only when you want them. Using advanced hosted telephone technologies lets you turn off your phone when you need to. If you are hosting a conference, you can set the system to “do not disturb” mode to prevent calls from coming in when you do not want them. Callers will be directed to another number (maybe you have more than one location) or to voicemail.
  8. They allow new and improved conference calls. These are necessary to most businesses today. VoIP systems have conference call features that other services may not. A conference call monitor can be helpful in facilitating communication on these calls to make them more useful. This is great when there are a lot of people on a call.

All businesses need to know they have the right phone system for their needs and budget. The new advanced hosted telephone technologies allow for all of that and a host of features to improve the way you do business.

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