6 Helpful Tips for Managing Millennials

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You may hear several definitions of a Millennial. In most cases, a Millennial is someone who was born in between 1980-2000. It’s likely that your business currently employs at least a few Millennials. A recent Gallup poll finds that six out of ten Millennials are open to changing jobs at any time. Here are six five tips to help you effectively manage Millennials.

  • Provide Guidance to Millennials

    It’s important that a manager is there to provide guidance to workers. You’ll want to ensure workers have access to help in order to get used to daily and weekly schedules. It’s wise to have workers shadow more experienced employees to get a better idea of what these new hires will be doing. A talent acquisition management service can help ensure new hires know more about the company they will be working for.
  • Hire the Help of HR Consultants

    Many companies employ HR consultants to help Millennials adjust to a new company. A human resource consultant can help your business find the right employees. Many businesses prefer to outsource their HR work to another company. It is often expensive to hire new human resource workers, making outsourcing a wise choice.
  • Balance Structure with a Fun Workplace

    Millennials need to have structure while on the job but not too much. It’s imperative that you balance the seriousness of projects with a fun workplace. Millennials like feeling excited about coming to work. You don’t have to go overboard providing a fun environment. Having an office where workers are free to talk to each other lets Millennials know they can make new friends at work.
  • Recognize Someone’s Hard Work

    It’s important that your workers feel recognized for certain tasks. A recent Gallup poll finds that only 20% of workers feel their manager is effectively encouraging them to do their best possible work. Millennials are prone to looking for a different job if they aren’t satisfied. Ensuring your Millennials workers know their achievements are noticed goes a long way. Statistics show that 86% of companies with some form of worker recognition program in place notice an increase in the happiness of workers.
  • Allow Telecommuting When Possible

    Many modern workplaces allow for workers to telecommute. It’s understandable that not every industry can allow this to happen with their workers. If possible, allowing workers to get their tasks done outside of the office is something most Millennials prefer. Many business owners choose to let workers telecommute on certain days which helps keep office overhead costs down.
  • Plan Group Activities

    Millennials want to feel part of a group while they are working. Statistics show many Millennials prefer to be in group settings. It’s wise for a manager to include group themed activities, especially after a wave of new hires. Having these events help new and long time employees have fun while getting to know each other.

In closing, there are several important tips to follow when managing Millennials. These workers were typically born between the years of 1980-2000. It’s important that Millennial workers have guidance on the job, especially during the first few months. Continued feedback allows these workers to receive recognition while learning what to improve upon. Millennials need a structured workplace with the right amount of fun thrown in. One fun way to help Millennials feel at home is through group based workplace activities. You’ll find it beneficial to effectively manage your team of Millennial employees. It’s common for a business to hire the help of HR consultants to help manage Millennials.

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