The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion Work In Your Organization

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Is your business searching for a Diversity and Inclusion Director? If so, you aren’t alone. Diversity and inclusion work is at the forefront of today’s leading businesses. It has been made clear that without a focus on this subject matter, companies cannot meet their full potential. In fact, research shows that gender-diverse and ethnically diverse companies are more likely to outperform their peers by 15 percent and 35 percent respectively. Searching for a Director for diversity and inclusion work can be a difficult task. One way to make things easier on your recruitment team is to work directly with an executive placement agency. Below are a few specific ways that this can make the hiring process a bit less stressful:

1. Talent Acquisition Management – An executive placement agency hones in on exactly the type of talent your company is looking for. You will not have to sift through dozens of mediocre applications only to find one or two worth interviewing; instead, you will be provided with a list of incredibly qualified potential candidates. If your company understand the importance of diversity and inclusion work, then you also know how crucial it is to hire a Director for that work that has the experience to bring with them to your organization.

2. Executive Search Consultants – Another huge benefit of working directly with an executive placement agency is that you can have the assurance that the pool of applicants you will be working with will have been in some sort of executive role before. This type of service is different from the standard job placement agency because of exactly this reason. If you have decided that you need a director level or above to work on diversity and inclusion at your workplace, then using an executive placement agency will save you quite a bit of time.

3. Strategic Hiring – The concept of strategic hiring is more than just finding the right fit for the job. It involves finding the right fit for the company, the team, the department, and the tasks at hand. Executive placement companies specialize in this process and can help you find an executive with experience, expertise, drive, and a personality that fits with your organization.

Research shows us that diverse teams are more productive and employee recognition programs lead to an increase in worker happiness, yet only 2 out of every 10 employees believes their manager does a good job of supporting them. We need to do better. One way for you to do this is to hire the best person you can to lead the diversity and inclusion efforts at your organization. Take some of the stress off of you and your search committee by contacting an executive placement agency.

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