Why Office 365 is the Right Choice For Your Business, Big or Small

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For the most part, most of us know how to work what’s necessary — our e-mail, our social media accounts, any software we use at work, but when it comes to troubleshooting, it’s a whole new world. Sure, we can search online to try and figure out an answer, but most of the time, it’s better if a professional takes a look, to avoid messing anything else up. Many businesses use Office 365 to better run their businesses and it’s a good idea to have an IT department who knows Office 365 inside and out in case things go wrong. Need to transfer to migrate files or other data to the cloud? Is something wrong with Outlook, again? Do you need Office 365 admin support? Having reliable IT support can help troubleshoot these issues for you and ensure that your work day runs smoothly.

What Is Office 365 and Who’s Using It?

Office 365 is a term that encompasses a number of subscription plans that grant you access to Office applications (such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.,) and cloud based services. Microsoft Teams, for example, is a messaging service that can be used for inter-office collaboration and communication, as well as help to connect out of office members to employees who work full time in the office.

In 2016, there were 60 million Office 365 customers per month who used it for commercial purposes and around 50,000 small businesses sign on to Office 365 monthly. Almost 70% of companies with 100 plus users have Exchange Online. It’s not just for small businesses though — almost three-quarters of large businesses (those with over 4,000 workers) only use Office 365 and one in five corporate employees use some cloud based service offered by Office 365.

BitGlass reported that Office 365 is the top used enterprise cloud application and almost 60% of sensitive data that exists in the cloud is in some form of Office documents. About 30% of that total is in Excel sheets.

As you can see, many people are opting in to use Office 365. But why?

What Are Office 365 Benefits?

The Microsoft suite is at this point, almost industry standard. Businesses, colleges, schools, and personal users almost all have Microsoft Word and Excel — at the minimum — installed on their computers, even if they’re using a Mac. Other than PDFs and Excel sheets, the majority of text files are sent as Microsoft Word documents.

Office 365 is flexible; one user can put Office 365 on as many as 15 devices. It’s also easy to navigate and use, for the most part. Office 365 admin responsibilities can be distributed between key personnel and/or IT departments and it’s easy to find the Office 365 admin center if changes need to be made.

The cloud based services Office 365 offers are also quite appealing to users, as it allows them to take work on the go. Traveling a lot for work? Office 365 has you covered. Need it on your mobile device or tablet, plus your laptop and desktop? Not a problem. Have a more collaborative office or individual office? Doesn’t matter, either way.

How Can Outsourcing IT Help My Business?

When you outsource IT, you know you’re getting experienced, qualified IT staff who specialize in your software or specific system. You can also control your budget, save money on labor, and transition easily to new technology, software, or systems. IT will also be able to suggest new changes to implement as the times change and can help you get it off the ground and provide technical support or training to staff members who need it.

IT will also take a look at your security systems and hep you reduce risk and keep your company secure. They can take over your Office 365 admin controls and let you focus on the key aspects of your business.

Worry less about your technology and more about advancing your company and watching it grow when you get Office 365 and outsource your IT needs.

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