Reasons to Invest in Branding Apparel at Your Company

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Is your business looking for new ways to create brand awareness? Maybe you just want to provide employees and clients with items representative of your company. One affordable, practical, and functional way to do either of these things is with customized t-shirts and other types of apparel. While you can constantly turn to different shops that specialize in heat transfer for apparel, your company could save money by investing in a heat transfer press machine.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of providing employees and clients with customized apparel using manual heat press? Keep reading for more information on how this could help your company grow and gain more attention.

Popularity of Apparel in the United States

Some companies choose to hand out a variety of small knick-knacks to employees and clients that represent the brand or company. For example, a business may offer customized pens, paper, magnets, and other things of like. These items usually end up in a drawer somewhere, never used and never seen by anyone else. At the end of the day, they?re an investment that doesn?t really pay off for the company.

On the other hand, apparel is one thing that most consumers love to purchase, customize, and wear. For instance, on average, consumers annually spend around $1,700 on apparel for themselves. This shows how important it is for consumers to regularly purchase new clothing items for themselves or as gifts for others.

That explains why the global clothing and textile industry is worth more than $2 trillion currently. In 2016, the United States apparel market alone was worth around $315 billion. It is expected that by 2025, this market in the United States will reach around $385 billion in estimated value. On sector that receives the most attention is women?s apparel. To be even more specific, this sector is most popular when it comes to Internet purchases.

Reasons to Invest in a Heat Transfer Press Machine

As a company, you could choose to switch things up with your marketing. Instead of investing in those knick-knacks that most people never use, invest in a heat press transfer machine for the office. That way, you can create all types of apparel that have your logo, branding, and company name. You can take it a step further and customize these items for specific sales going on, specific product releases, or specific times of the year.

The more creative you get with your customization, the more likely it is that employees and clients alike will continue to wear the different forms of apparel you hand out. Create apparel for seasons and holidays so that everyone can change it up as the year goes on. It?s not likely that one customized t-shirt will last long. As the statistics above show, consumers tend to mix up their apparel frequently throughout the year.

By investing in custom heat transfer for hats or for t-shirts
, your company could increase its brand awareness and popularity. Unlike a branded pen, a brand t-shirt or hat is worn in public. Whether your employees or clients are out with friends, family, or simply in a crowded space, their apparel will start conversations that could turn into new clients or new business for your company. Over time, it is hopeful that you would see an increase in new consumers or interest in your product or service.

Even if only a handful of people were turned onto the company through this apparel, that?s likely more than would notice your company from branding on a pen or coffee mug. A t-shirt and even a hat can catch someone’s eye and start a conversation whereas a pen could go entirely unnoticed. Investment in a heat transfer press could pay itself off in the long run through an improvement in brand recognition and reputation.

What has your company done to increase brand recognition? Are you more inclined to do specialty heat transfer press on apparel now? Let us know in the comments your thoughts on how apparel could help with brand recognition.

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