5 Reasons to Consider Using a Digital Marketing Agency

Do you own a company that is considering investing in a digital marketing agency? This can be an ideal solution to issues you may be having with your marketing strategy, developing new content, and increasing sales from your website. By outsourcing this work to a marketing agency, you can keep your team focused on what they do best while improving your company’s ability to make sales online.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of outsourcing work to a content marketing agency? Keep reading for key information about this option.

5 Reasons to Consider Using a Digital Marketing Agency

Your business is growing, but you don’t currently have enough employees to create the digital marketing strategy that is going to drive growth at your company. There is no reason to rush into hiring employees to take on these tasks. Instead, you can find the best marketing companies to work with to help increase engagement online and drive sales from your website. Take a look at these five reasons why this may be beneficial.

1. Create quality content

Everyone who operates a blog or website knows that content is king. Without quality content, you may not have as much success gaining loyal readers or driving customers to make a purchase online. Data shows that if you have quality content on your site that is relevant to what your audience is looking for, you can increase traffic on that blog by up to 200%. By investing in an agency to help with this, the quality of your content will increase as they have teams skilled at doing this.

2. Develop a content strategy

In order to really grow your audience base, you need more than random, quality content. You need a content strategy that makes sense so your customers know what to expect and when to expect it. For example, when developing a content strategy, your agency can help decipher whether your customer base prefers shorter or longer articles. Statistics show that longer content will generally receive more social engagement than shorter content. However, your audience may vary so it is important to do the research and learn what type of content performs best for you.

3. Search engine optimization

On top of creating quality content relevant to your company’s audience, an agency can assist with efforts to optimize your site and content. Search engine optimization takes time, effort, research, and skills. You cannot simply sit down and optimize your website and content without understanding the latest standards in search engine optimization and how to properly update your site.

By using an agency, you can establish a search engine optimization strategy that will improve your sites overall performance. Data shows that Google takes into consideration SEO when deciding how to rank your site. Factors like having high quality content and working on link building can impact your site’s ranking. Additionally, since Google receives no less than 63,000 searches each second of each day, you need to make sure your content is optimized with the right keywords to show up on Google searches.

4. A site that functions on mobile

If your website or blog is not optimized for mobile users, you are potentially losing out on a large portion of your audience. An agency can help make sure that your site functions properly on a variety of different mobile platforms. Since smartphone users make up around 80% of Internet users, this is a key factor to take into consideration.

When making a purchase, data shows that around 82% of people will engage in some type of search on their phone before actually going through with the purchase. If your site isn’t able to handle mobile views, you may lose out on these sales.

5. A well-functioning site

Not only should your site be optimized for mobile users, but also it should create a positive user experience. Load times should be quick on your site, call-to-actions should make sense, and the site should be easily navigable. This may all help contribute to lowering bounce rates on your site. If your site takes two extra seconds to load, data shows that around 50% of people will leave.

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