What’s The Difference Between An HDMI And CAT Cable? Basic Tips For Improving Your Home Theater

Do you have a video system that needs to be set up? It’s time to brush up on your computer accessories.

This is often easier said than done when you’re not a cable repairman or active gamer. How do you figure out the difference between a set of regular speakers and a speaker wall plate? Setting up your home theater or sprucing up your classroom starts with asking a few questions about what you want to get out of it all. This includes, but isn’t limited to, superior audio visual needs for comprehension’s sake or durable electronic accessories to protect against a power outage. If this is still sounding a little like Greek, consider looking below to pick up the basics.

From the speaker wall plate to longer HDMI cables, the tools you need to create a better church design or home theater are right around the corner.

The Development Of Higher Quality Video

The smooth frame rates and bright colors we’re used to weren’t always so widespread. It took a lot of trial and error to create technology that’s as beautiful as it is accessible. While the current high definition standard for consumer equipment tends to top out at 1080p (a term you should keep in your back pocket), the HDMI 1.4 is able to accommodate even higher definition pixel resolutions. The biggest factor that goes into choosing the right equipment is what you hope to achieve at the end of the day. Are you teaching a crowd of people or trying to spread awareness?

Learning About HDMI

Here’s a term you’ll be hearing a lot…HDMI! From the HDMI plates for walls to swapping out your old HDMI cables for a new set, this is one area a lot of people can relate on. HDMI is able to pass video resolutions from 480i to 4K. Keep in mind, however, each manufacturer will determine the parameters for what’s to be transferred via each HDMI component. High definition pixel resolutions can range between 3840×2160 to 4096×2160. It’s not just movie buffs and electronics enthusiasts that enjoy these high figures, but also church clergy and teachers.

Technology Used Today

Let’s put a few things in perspective before detailing the ins and outs of the speaker wall plate. Technology today is used so often as to seem entirely mundane. According to studies by the Pew Research Center, nine out of 10 American adults regularly use the Internet. Some of the most common activities include checking e-mail, browsing for supplies, using social media, working from home, and leisure. Higher quality video is a natural result of wanting the best out of an everyday resource. This means combining good HDMI cables with good CAT cables.

Faster Internet Speeds

There’s nothing like a slow Internet speed to drive a wedge between your project and your audience. This is where your CAT cables come into play. The most common versions you’ll be using are the CAT5 and CAT6 Ethernet cables, with their maximum recommended length around 100 meters. This is particularly useful for large buildings where you need extra wiggle room to ensure everything’s set up properly. According to a study by The Clergy Journal, one-third of churches today use video clips during their worship service.

Picking And Choosing Your Equipment

The kind of equipment you use and maintain will go a long way in creating a better end result. Contrary to popular belief, churches today are on a roll adopting new technology. One study found nearly 80% of churches regularly using Twitter, while nearly all of them maintain active Facebook accounts. When you’re tired of your video presentations skipping or your sound not coming through right, investing in a speaker wall plate or better CAT5 cables will be your ticket to better. Don’t be afraid to ask your local electronics professional questions about special deals or compatibility issues.

The time of slow PowerPoint presentations and glitchy audio is past. Make 2018 the year you get cozy with better electrical components.

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