7 Things You Get With a Digital Marketing Agency

If you don’t already partner with a digital marketing agency, you’re missing out. Even if you have an in-house department that takes care of your digital analytics and keyword research, manages your landing pages and helps you figure an overall marketing strategy, there can be some seriously good reasons to consider working with a digital marketing agency. Here are a few:

You Get Access to a Broader Set of Skills

This may be the main reason to a business chooses to bring in a digital marketing agency for certain projects, or even to get off the ground. Such an agency has access to a full team of experienced professionals, each with different types of experience and insight into various factors of digital marketing that are important to you. Most in-house teams don’t have the size and diversity to do this. They instead concentrate on hiring a few specialists for some key areas, like on-page SEO, but still at times need access to the breadth of skills that a digital marketing agency can bring to the table.

You Get Easier Access to What You Need

Hiring and onboarding even one new employee can be expensive and time-consuming. The process can eat away at your time, and in the end you may still not be completely sure you have the right talent until it’s too late. If you work with a digital marketing agency, this issue goes away. You can pull them in for those important projects without losing time and focus to recruitment.

You Get to Save Money

Not only do you save time and focus, but you can also save money in this situation. It costs a lot to pull in a full-time employee for yourself. They need an office, there are salaries and benefits to discuss, extra taxes to pay; and these are just some of the costs of a full-time hire. If you have a temporary project, it can save you a lot, in the long run, to hire agency help to cover it rather than bringing someone onboard full time. This also means that 100% of the budget you have for that marketing project is going towards making it happen.

You Get the Tools You Need

A digital marketing agency will also have access to the tools and resources you need to accomplish your vision efficiently and with insight. They will have access to tools and resources that it’s simply not practical for a company to have for itself, and even some that are exclusive to professionals in their industry. These powerful tools can help you get the job done faster and more efficiently than you otherwise could.

You Get Flexibility

Did you make a planning mistake? Need more help than you thought? If you’re relying entirely on your in-house team, this might mean a sudden panic to hire on new help. If there’s no time for that, or money for it either, your choices are to push your current team past their limits, accept something less than what you wanted, or change your timeline completely. With a digital marketing agency onboard, this problem disappears. You can simply reach out to them and they will adjust the manpower and hours to get you where you need to go.

You Get Greater Creativity

Creativity dies when it’s stuck in the same job for years with goals that are always similar. Creativity thrives by being used. At a digital marketing agency, creative minds have the chance to work on all kinds of different companies on all kinds of different projects; keeping their creativity and interest fresh and ready to go when they get to you.

You Get Accountability

Your in-house team gets paid for showing up and putting in the work, but there’s no fire under them to accomplish a specific project. A digital marketing agency is hired specifically to accomplish that project, so their entire focus is getting it done. The agency is accountable to you, their client, and motivated to get things done for both your sakes.

These are just some of the reasons that partnering with an agency can make all the difference. If you have a project in the works, think about leveraging these benefits for yourself.

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