Ethernet Cables and the Many Services They Provide for Networks and Communication

From internet to intranet to network servers and more, there is always the need for an ethernet cable. Additionally, fiber optic cable has been in use since 1988 when it first connected France to the United States. Since then hundreds of fiber optic cables have been installed all over the world, for the expansion of internet communication as well as the further development of our cellular phone communications. As much as fiber optics have been advanced since there origination, there is much to believe in the reliance of people on digital communication.

Ethernet Cable Throughout History

It’s incredible to believe that the history of the ethernet cable is really not that long. With cable television dating initially back to 1948, there was no real mass production of this service for approximately another 30 years or so. Basically, until the mid-1980s or so there was no real need for a majority of the United States to have cable television, so ethernet cable was not in most homes. However, since the mass distribution of cable television with the greater number of channels and variety available on TV, so much more has grown from the use of ethernet cable.

The 500 Ft Ethernet Cable

Back to the cable television, initially installed in many homes, there was a great need for the 500 ft ethernet cable to be able to reach the outdoor cable line and extend inside to each of the rooms where the cable would align with the televisions. The ability of that cable to connect the exterior cable, internet, phone, and other lines has stood the test of time. While it connects the source lines from the outside, there are also many different cables that connect the exterior communication lines to the WiFi box, digital television, satellite television, and much more. With the digital phone in use today as well, there is ethernet cable used to connect the outdoor communication lines with the digital phone included with WiFi and internet.

Some Additional Cables

Upon connecting the exterior lines to the interior digital communication, there are a number of additional types of cable that run from one machine to another. Some of these include:

  • USB cables
  • HDMI cables
  • HDMI to DVI cables
  • Highspeed HDMI cables
  • Lightning cables
  • Siamese video cable
  • USB 2.0 device cable
  • USB 2.0 extension cable
  • USB 2.0 printer cable
  • USB 3 cables
  • USB 3.0 data cable
  • USB 3.0 extension cable

With much to gain from 500 ft ethernet cables, there are also the services of combined communication and power available with the advanced cables that are used today. Advances in both digital and wireless communication and power have come so far in a matter of only 10 or 20 years that there is much to expect for what we will see in only a few more.

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