Remote Work Is On The Rise Adapting To The Changing Tides With Better Call Center Tools

Remote work is becoming far more common these days. Why wouldn’t it?

It’s extremely convenient for workers who are tired of wasting precious hours of the day in the commute. It allows them more flexibility to spend time with their friends and family, as well. On the business end of things there’s plenty of room for on-the-spot changes and the ability to reach out to workers across all corners of the country. All these benefits will go up in smoke if you don’t have a good chatbot for your site, however. Something as simple as a glitch can end up putting you right back at square one.

Let’s take a look at the Cisco call center software and how it can make sure you’re only getting benefits, all day and every day.

The Growth Of Remote Work In America

More and more remote workers are crawling out of the woodwork. It’s your job to accommodate different schedules so everyone is on the same page. Upwork’s 2018 Future Workforce Report found nearly 40% of hiring managers stating their employees will work predominantly remotely over the next decade. Broadsoft cloud and Cisco call centers, as a result, are becoming basics no business can go without. You want to make sure you transition from one economy to the next as smoothly as possible, right?

Hiring Trends And Future Predictions

As touched on above, remote working is becoming more popular. The perspective on what constitutes a functional office meeting is changing, too. Over 11 million meetings are held in American workplaces every day, with employees attending an average of 60 meetings every month. Despite this, things are clearly not working out on the communication front. A study by Steven Rogelberg from the University Of North Carolina found 70% of senior managers stating their meetings are unproductive and inefficient.

Common Frustrations With The Nine To Five

Workers are tired of meetings that don’t tell them what they need to know. Managers are tired of wasting time setting up meetings only to find out they don’t deliver results. How can we all meet eye-to-eye and finally save some money? An interesting study found up to 70% of attendees admit to multitasking during meetings, such as bouncing between conversations or watching essential videos. Cisco call manager tools aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution to all your problems, but they can certainly streamline the process into something manageable.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Meetings And Updates

Cisco unified communications are designed to give you the most accessible and reliable connection possible. According to data by the National Statistics Council, nearly 40% of employee time is spent in meetings. That’s a lot that can go wrong if workers aren’t getting useful information or the call keeps glitching out. Glitches in a video conferencing application cost time and money — if a team of 10 is in a meeting, for example, a six-minute delay can add up to an hour of lost productivity. Imagine how that could build up.

Applying Cisco Call Center Software For Maximum Benefits

The world can seem like it’s moving at a breakneck pace at the best of times, but never fear. A Cisco provisioning manager can make sure you’re transitioning into the world of remote work as smoothly as possible. Recent research from InformationWeek showed 60% of businesses said that improved employee collaboration is a top business driver. Additional data from Software Advice showed 75% of small and medium businesses are interested in a UC solution. Cisco call center software reduces glitches, increases accessibility, and gets results.

Adapt to remote work. Install a Cisco CRM communications connector so everyone is on the same page.

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