The Usefulness of Hybrid Cloud Integration

In the modern business world, the use and shifting of online data is a common occurrence. Most businesses use computers and private servers for the majority of their functions from storing documents to handling IT issues. However, there are times when the limitations of a private server might be pushed to its limits and outside servers may need to be utilized. This is where hybrid cloud integration comes in.

What is Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid cloud is essentially a system that allows a business to access outside servers when needed. It connects the private cloud, which is generally on-site, to a public cloud that is offsite and used by multiple unrelated customers like your business. It provides the ability to move unused or less crucial documents or information to the public cloud so that the private cloud maintains a usable capacity.

What is Hybrid Integration?

Hybrid integration is the integration of a hybrid cloud with a previously private cloud. It is the process of adding public cloud access to your company’s private servers. For this process you can utilize iPaaS (integration platform as a service), which is an automated set of tools that helps connect software applications from different locations and environments. It makes the hybrid integration process easier and more seamless.

Why Use a Hybrid Cloud?

While hybrid clouds are not for every business, they are useful for larger companies with a bigger budget, more IT needs, and the need to create extra real estate in their private servers.

Hybrid integration can help cut back on costs for businesses that have information that needs to be moved to a public cloud. Storing information that is not immediately useful in your private cloud can be more costly, because private cloud spaces tend to cost more than public ones. The ability to roll less important information to a public space will help to save your company money.

It also offers greater flexibility. If IT is experiencing higher than normal workloads or your business has an overflow in information, you can utilize the public cloud space until things calm down. The ability to flow with your company’s needs is very useful, especially during busy times.

While this type of integration may not be useful for all companies, especially smaller ones on tighter budgets, it is definitely something to consider for your business.

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