Protect Your Hearing When Operating an Industrial Pump

Incidents of weather disasters have been occurring with greater frequency. This includes flooding and other types of conditions. According to the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ statistics, there are cities that may still experience flooding within this current generation, which will adversely affect approximately 100 million to several hundred million individuals.

Financial Costs Due to Weather Disasters

In addition to the personal trauma experienced by individuals, families, and businesses due to flooding, there are significant financial costs as well. During 2010 alone, for example, floods cost this country nearly $40 billion.

A document released by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration stated that since 1980, this country has experienced 241 weather and climate disasters. The overall damages and costs of these disasters were at least $1 billion. The total costs for the aforementioned 241 weather disasters have actually exceeded $1.6 trillion.

Industrial Pumps and Hearing Protection Guidelines

In order to avoid hearing damage, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has specific guidelines. OSHA’s guidelines indicate that hearing protection should be worn when in the proximity of 85 decibels. it’s important to note that when a standard industrial pump is placed 50 feet away, the federal government has rated its sound level at 76 decibels.

To provide a comparison, normal speaking voices range from 50 to 60 decibels. When an emergency vehicle siren passes next to someone, it registers at more than 120 decibels. OSHA reports that when loud noises are reduced just a few decibels, it can reduce potential hearing hazards. Furthermore, it can also improve communication between workers and reduce noise-related annoyance.

Administrators can control noise exposure in a variety of ways. Creating distance between employees and the source of the noise is recommended in order to reduce exposure. When working in an open space, doubling this distance can decrease noise levels by six decibels. While hearing protection devices can control exposure, OSHA indicates that they aren’t the most desirable long-term option.

Industrial Pump Rental

Whether you need an agricultural water pump, a hydraulic water pump, a line shaft pump, or another type of pump, you may be interested in renting, rather than purchasing, this device. When you contact an industrial water pump manufacturer, a representative will be able to explain how to obtain an Industrial pump rental. Since there may be other services that you require, these can also be discussed during your call.

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