Temperature Control Continues to Play Important Roles in Pharmaceutical Developments

Cold shipping and storage solutions continue to be increasingly important as the summer months approach. From on site health clinics that will be organized to help after spring storms and flooding events to the continual use of cold shipping solutions that are used year round to provide vaccinations and immunizations to hospitals and physician’s offices, temperature control has always played an important role in the pharmaceutical industry.

In fact, pharmaceutical storage conditions play important roles in the lives that we all live. If the recommendations for storage conditions for pharmaceuticals are not carefully followed the medications and vaccines are put at risk. Knowing that we are living in a time when there have already been problems with measles outbreaks in many places in the nation, it should come as no surprise that there will be a continued focus on the transportation of the needed vaccines. A very recent report that the University of California Davis Health officers indicated that they sent out as many as 200 letters to people who may have been exposed to the highly contagious measles virus back in March. The emergency department at UCD Medical Center reported that a young girl taken care of in the hospital was later diagnosed with measles.
The letter from the hospital advised recipients to notify their primary health care provider and any child’s provider of this possible exposure in an effort to foster discussions about the possible risk of infection and vaccination history. Letter recipients were also encouraged to ask any other questions that they may have. Obviously, this is major concern as many of the children who were in the hospital could have had compromised systems based merely on the fact that they were visiting the hospital emergency room.

Cold Shipping Solutions Continue to be Important to the Entire Vaccination Process
One of the most frustrating parts about the continued report of people who are vaccine hesitant is that there are many studies that indicate that immunizations are, as reported by the World Health Organization, the most cost effective way to save lives across the globe. A biological pharmaceutical facility can make all kinds of progress, but if the nation continues to have pockets of parents who refuse to get these immunizations these vaccine deniers are putting many other people at risk.

Even with the most sophisticated cold shipping solutions and the most advanced pharmaceutical storage facility solutions, none of these advancements can have an impact if the vaccines are not used by everyone. Understanding that seven out of 10 leading pharmaceutical products require transportation that is temperature controlled can help you understand the work that goes into these products. When you realize that there are people who ignore all of this technology and advancements it can be very frustrating.
The United States alone holds more than 45% of the global pharmaceutical market, so it should come as no surprise that the cold shipping solutions also play an important role in the economy of this nation.

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