Why use a hosted phone system

Why use a hosted phone system

In any business, the concept of communication is fundamental. This is true when implementing a hosted phone system for the simple reason that a business phone systems allows for the establishing of more professionally oriented work relationship. According to a survey done by Invoca’s 2016 Call Intelligence Index, about 65% of customers prefer to contact a business via phone method while only 24% are satisfied with only a web form for product purchases or service subscriptions. It’s understandable in the event of any transaction going wrong to have a phone conversation. Emails formats, although affective in the sense that they allow for much quicker progressions in the realm of transaction progress, still fail to capture that more human oriented essence associated with both the business man and the customer talking on the phone.

The Benefits of a business phone system

As stated, having a hosted phone system can benefit any business’s relationship with the customer out of the more personal nature it grants their relationship. This can be further supported by a NewVoiceMedia survey which illustrated how a total of 75% percent of customers still believed that calling was the most effective way in getting a quick response from businesses. The last thing a customer wants when they find a transaction they trusted the business they were working with had mishandled a certain factor and then be left to a simple means of email communication. It is far better for a business to implement a business phone system as a means of communication between them and their customer. By relying on simply an email manner of communication, all a business essentially does is guarantee themselves massive losses in both trust and customers.

Even if a business doesn’t lose a customer immediately, following the failure of a transaction, the fact that 85% people don’t call back simply because their calls weren’t answered only further illustrates the risk any business faces when they don’t utilize a greater standard of communication, which is what a hosted phone system could do for them. It’s nothing to take lightly in a statistic as staggeringly direct in saying that close to 69% of a businesses’s customers find greater satisfaction when speaking to an agent on the phone in comparison to the other customer service channels that still prefer to implement emails or FAQs pages as their main source of communication.

Phone conversations with customers are still and will forever be a part of the sales factor in any transaction.Over $1 trillion in consumer spending is influenced by calls placed to businesses, and this beneficial element should not be treated as though it were an expendable commodity when it isn’t even costly in comparison to the types of losses relying simple on email and FAQ pages can result in when businesses suffer from an over reliance on them. If about 72% the businesses working today claim that improving customer experience is their top priority, then it should be of the utmost vital importance for them to have more faith in phone system installation.

In Conclusion

When it comes to resolving any type of business-related issue, complex or not, over 40% of the consumers would rather speak to a real person over the phone. It sure beats an email o FAQ page because it not only gives them a more personal feeling of communication. It also allows for the relationship between the consumer and the business to remain both balanced and open for future transactions that could prove to be immensely profitable, all through the simple utilization of a hosted phone system. This isn’t to say that using an email format or FAQ page can’t help a business, given that in terms of fast communication, they can be immensely progressive in the productivity they can accomplish. However, that productivity will not matter much in the long run if it is cut short due to a lack of phone conversations that could’ve worked well in helping the customer of a business to have more faith in them.

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