Why Fire Sprinkler Design Training is Just as Important as the Software

Working as an engineer, as a CAD designer or even if you work specifically within the fire mitigation field, you already likely understand the importance of finding the best software available. Regardless of what software you choose, however, you will want to find a company that provides fire sprinkler training video, online classes and in-person classes to help you learn their specific software.

The most important feature of any fire suppression design software is the company’s ability to train its users effectively. A reliable company will offer features in their software like 3D designing, hydraulic calculations, easy access to assets and other peripheral features, but training programs that teach designers how to use the software should be top of mind.

Why is Training so Important?

Being a fire sprinkler system designer is a specialty skill that requires extensive training. Good fire suppression design companies will typically offer training courses on how to use their software. In most cases, this is a mandatory training, and certification is usually required (and always desirable).

For obvious reasons of safety, intense training is a requirement to design fire sprinkler systems. Any errors, even small errors, can be catastrophic. While most software can be used to create accurate calculations and perform thorough testing, fire sprinkler design errors carry more weight than some other systems. An effective, well-rounded training is needed to help ensure the software is properly utilized.

What Kind of Training is Best?

All types of people have different learning styles. Some people prefer a hands-on approach, some people like to see examples, some people exceed in a classroom setting, and others could succeed just as easily by watching a fire sprinkler training video online before getting started.

Since learning styles are so diverse, finding a company that provides several types of training is important. It very important for the training–whatever style is used–to be clear, relevant and engaging. And it’s important to have a way to gauge retention.


If you have worked in the fire sprinkler design field at all, you likely already understand why using software is so important. But being able to learn that software is equally important as peoples’ lives can be affected by even the smallest mistake. Fire sprinkler system design is a complex topic that requires complex software, so it’s important to research design companies and their available fire sprinkler design training before making a decision.

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